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Need Help = Weak Person

We are the most important person in our world. We want to take help because we want to remain strong for own selves. Remaining strong allows us to be best version of own selves. It will allow us to live to our true potential.

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Struggling = Something Wrong

Our struggles mean that we are trying to do something that will make us better than yesterday. They are important to make us the person we will be in future and become the person we are meant to be. The bruises from the struggles are the badges we adorn as proof of our trials.

Success = Lots of Sacrifice

We never need to work a day to build a career. We just need to find our passion. Everyone has one. If not now, in your earlier life. Listen hard and you will hear it. Even when you are working towards it, it will feel much better that you are trying hard to get something that you really want for your life. You will be a much happier person. And that is most important.
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Success = Visible Change

We are constrained in our judgement of the world with our senses. We feel we have not been able to make any progress unless we are able to pick up something through them. But sometimes the world operates beyond our sense that we can measure or read. At these times we need faith in our belief and our abilities. More importantly, we also need patience.

Marketing = Spend Money

Marketing is primarily about the message. And money is spent primarily on buying the promotion medium and hardly much on creating the message. The message is about who you are, what you believe in and how you want to serve. The context and authenticity of the message creates the interest. A powerful message in a smart and contextual medium, like even the sleeve of the product, will ensure that the audience will seek you out from the crowd.

Marketing = Kill Competition

Marketing is not about or should not be about the competition at all. It is about your own unique identity and why you want to serve. It is not about why you are better than others. That only makes you spend more money trying to prove that you are better. Marketing celebrates what is distinctly you and why that makes you so irresistible. It celebrates your intention to serve and your selflessness in that purpose. And by the way, trying to kill competition is a very expensive affair.

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We are a bunch of marketing mavericks who are staking everything to evolve the way conventional marketing is done without really having to change the fundamentals of what brands mean to people. We are as much about Peter Drucker as about David Droga. But we want to be much more. We are about people. We take pride in trying to understanding the motivation of a conventional winner to a unconventional underdog who is trying define the future. But then we are not about definition either. We do rather be about a new dimension.


  • 1 intensive collaborate session

    1 hr

    7,080 Indian rupees
  • 1 core contact with deep strategic work | 2.5 hr in 10 days

    2 hr

    49,560 Indian rupees
  • Strategic support & recommendations | 3 contacts of 2 hrs /month

    2 hr

    35,400 Indian rupees
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