Need Help = Weak Person

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Struggling = Something Wrong
Success = Lots of Sacrifice
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Success = Visible Change
Marketing = Spend Money
Marketing = Kill Competition

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We are a bunch of marketing mavericks who are staking everything to evolve the way conventional marketing is done without really having to change the fundamentals of what brands mean to people. We are as much about Peter Drucker as about David Droga. But we want to be much more. We are about people. We take pride in trying to understanding the motivation of a conventional winner to a unconventional underdog who is trying define the future. But then we are not about definition either. We do rather be about a new dimension.


  • 1 intensive collaborate session

    1 hr

    1,487 Indian rupees
  • 1 core contact with deep strategic work | 2.5 hr in 10 days

    2 hr

    6,372 Indian rupees
  • Monthly strategic engage, expert assistance | 3 contacts 2 hrs /month

    6 hr

    14,868 Indian rupees
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