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Our behavior is rooted in our origin story

I like to dig deep into evolution to explain modern business and marketing. I believe that the success of Homo-sapiens over other competitive species, in the dawn of civilization, is due the ability to affect others from a distance. This advantage is a critical differentiator which we had exploited at keeping other animals at bay by devising weapons to hunt and kill during the dawn of civilization to emotionally motivation someone half way round the globe in front of a device, by communicating through signs and language and making business gains.

I bring this fundamental concept onboard, along with other reflections of modern behavioral sciences to achieve professional and business successes.

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Prithviraj Sen Gupta


  • Bachelors in Mass-Communication from St. Xavier’s College, Calcutta

  • PG (full-time) in Communication-Management from MICA, Ahmedabad

  • Certificate in Web Usability from NID
     M.A. in Psychology (ongoing).

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