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An empowering happy life is our right

My mission in life is to increase the vibrations of Abundant Happiness. I firmly believe that each one is born to live happy. My passion is to create a more meaningful and empowering life for self and others – moment to moment. The journey is towards our potential.

I am a thorough optimist and a people’s person and a firm believer of “Whatever happens, happens for the best”.

I am always in the space of immersing myself in various practices and concepts that create a more empowering and meaningful life for me and in turn exploring various avenues of sharing the same with others. Loving and Living the Now!

Across all my profiles over the years – I have been connecting with people, understanding their requirements and delivering accordingly. Thus, Coaching and Facilitating is a natural progression – which is as much a learning and growth for me, as much for the people I interact with – every time!

Sharmishtha Ranade
Personal Development Coach

My passion is Love, Connection and Care. I enjoy immersing myself in new learnings regularly – to keep the journey on. I am ably supported in everything I do by a lovely teenage daughter, my husband who is my pillar of strength and an extremely doting set of parents and extended family on both sides.


  • I am a Post Graduate in Advertising and Communication Management from SIBM, Pune

  • Commerce Graduate from Mumbai University

More Details

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Certifications / courses

  • Internationally certified You Can Heal Your Life Coach

  • Internationally certified You Can Heal Your Life Workshop Leader

  • Internationally certified You Can Heal Your Life Playshop Leader

  • Leadership Transformation Facilitator – Life Learning Solution

  • Landmark Education Curriculum

  • Who Am I – Wisdom Centre

  • Feng Shui and Beyond – Wisdom Centre

  • Think on Your Feet

  • Magic of Making Training Fun

  • Pursuing Family Constellations

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