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Our profession is an extension of us

I have been doing this for the last 18 years. Over the years I have begun to think of myself as the quintessential “explorer”. I also have come to understand that the search of the explorer always ends with himself or herself. So, you as a custodian of the brand, will always hold the key to the success of the brand and the business. All the best answers to your problems are inherently resident in you. Therefore, my job is to help you discover these answers which may not be evident to your conscious self. The best way to is to really figure out the real reason why you are in this game, this career path, this venture  or this professional initiative. Once I get that, the “Why?” of your endeavor and your drive, then it is all about putting the real picture of your vision and your dream in front of the people, in the most effective way.

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Anirban Malakar

We have to get the right audiences to connect to you, or to your project or your brand starting with creating the right amount of intrigue and eventually making them fall in love with your vision. It is a serenade that is over only when the prospective customer has been won over. And you do that with a hearty sprinkling of the core values of honestly, vulnerability and actions. Nothing connects humans better than raw emotions. And a bond created from that place is for the long haul.

In my years practicing marketing of brands, I have led teams managing large home grown brands like Airtel, ITC, Dabur, Dalmia Bharat, global brands like BMW, General Motors, Dominos, PepsiCo and feisty creators like Lotus Herbals, Blackberrys, C&S Electric and Monte Carlo. I also spend my initial years working for brands like Cadbury’s, Godrej and Sony.


  • PG Diploma from SIBM in Advertising and Communication Management

  • Graduate of Marketing from College of Business Studies, Delhi University

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