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Competition - Bring 'You' to the Game!

"Consumers are the reason why your business exists and therefore, understanding them is critical to what heights your business can achieve today and in future."


You have obviously figured out that it is a difficult category for your business and your offering. It could be because of plethora of reasons like price sensitivity, just too many brands, heavy discounting, too much advertising pressure or low differentiation among competitor. Whatever may be the reason there is only one solution to all your woes. You have to believe that there is no competition! Now you will ask how is that possible? It is possible only if you bring your own uniqueness and belief into your offer. And you have to do that everyday, in small measures and not try bringing a big impact on one single day. That almost never happens. For all the great things we almost do not see the grind and perseverance over long periods of time over small changes. How will you bring those changes? Everyday while working on your offer, you notice small things that you would like to do differently. And almost immediately you reject them thinking how could you be so audacious if none of the big players have ever thought of it. But that is the root of all innovation. Your intuition and audacity. Listen to the voice that speaks ever so softly everyday all the time. Listen and take action everyday. Many small steps lead to one big change. And then just like that you will find that you have started walking a different path than your competitors and people are loving that. So now, go and put a bit of yourself into your plans, dreams and your offer and you will see that eventually you have found a new way distinct from others. 

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