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Competition - You Are Making Them Sweat!

"Continuous innovation in offering, as a culture, by listening to consumer better, will ensure that we don't need to focus on outwitting the competition. We will become our bigger competition than those in the marketplace."

Man Reaching Star

You are in a comfortable place with your offering in the marketplace. You have considerable understanding in terms of the pulse of the market. That is really good. If you feel there are some parts where you don't measure up, well, you have nothing to worry about. The thing to understand about the consumer is that if they realize that your heart is at the right place then they will be ready to forgive you. This might surprise you at first but honesty wins hearts and you know this. You just need to ensure that you are not going wrong over basics of consumer experience that are already set as standard in your category. Remember, what consumers connect with most is the genuineness of your intention that you bring with your offer and the willingness to continuously improve. But more than that, to win over the trust of your consumer in the true sense is to have a plan that solves the current problem in new and innovative ways understanding the nuances of their current needs. That's where you make the competition redundant. That has to be the ultimate intent of the business.

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