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Consumer - Ironing Out Is Easier Than Starting Out!

"Consumers are the reason why your business exists and therefore, understanding them is critical to what heights your business can achieve today and in future."


The consumers reaction may have been lukewarm to your offering but all may not be lost already. The fact that you are engaging currently is testimony to the fact that you are determined to investigate what is the consumer really not happy about. It is one thing to say that the entire premise of the offering is wrong and it is another to say that some things are not working or working against you. Sometimes we miss the small things for what looks like the obvious big problem. A lot of time and effort can saved if we are willing to listen first than to jump to conclusion quickly. If it is the first case of the entire offering still, it is obviously a requirement to go back to the drawing board. If this is done well then there are still big learning that can be taken forward in your next phase. But don't forget to acknowledge and remember for your next phase that it was your big heart and where it was placed that really helped you in this journey. Having done that you will need to put energies back into listening intently, analyzing and doing an honest introspection of where corrective action needs to be taken to make this venture work. In the later case where things have not worked partially, the focus needs to be to turn around those aspects of the offer with either more expertise or intent or investment or innovation to make it more amiable to the consumers. In all respects it is part of the evolution and not just unique to your business only. Every business faces such challenges. Only you would have faced it a little earlier than others.

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