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Consumer - You Can Win Them Over!

"Consumers are the reason why your business exists and therefore, understanding them is critical to what heights your business can achieve today and in future."

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Your achievement is that you have been able to create an offer than has garnered enough interest among the consumers to have tried it out. Irrespective of whether the issue is that you would have liked more people to have sampled your product, more people to have tried it again, initial feedback not being that great or current response not being not to you liking, that you have been able to invoke interest is no mean feat. Whether you are missing out a key expectation of the consumer or there are quality concerns, you will notice that the primarily it comes down to communication. Either it will be an issue of you not having been able to pay enough attention to what consumers were saying again and again or you were not able to understand what the expectations really meant and therefore how to address it. It could also be that you could not communicate effectively what your realities are as a business and therefore the consumer kept feeling unduly under served. One thing that disarms a consumer is honesty. A sincere effort from the business and they are willing to forgive small oversights for a while if they feel there is a merit in the offer from the business. In the meantime, with all the learning you gain from your consumer you need to work out a plan to win them over in the short term and gain trust in the long term along with your plans for your product.

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