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Environment - The Auspicious Start!

"The environment will keep posing new challenges every day. The important thing is our inner environment, both in our mind and with our people. We can turn around a situation from the brink even if we are able to focus on the right things."


Ahoy sailor! Your ship has the tailwinds and you are well on your course. A good start is important but take precautions for any wind changes because the business environment can change pretty quickly. The key to avoiding any rude shock in your journey is to ensure the fundamentals of your business are strong and you are taking good care of your customer. Your customer is the only person who can run you through your rough patches. So serve them well when things are good, so that at tough times they will want to pull you through. And remember, plan your business out well at these times to sustain this performance over a longer period of time.

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