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Environment - The Dream Is Bigger Than Everything Around!

"The environment will keep posing new challenges every day. The important thing is our inner environment, both in our mind and with our people. We can turn around a situation from the brink even if we are able to focus on the right things."


The environment does not seem to be supportive of your business performance. In such situations it all comes down to our mindset. Do we truly believe that what we are doing will help people in the long run or it is a disrupting idea that will change people's lives? Then you need to keep looking for newer ways of making people understand your intention. Change the paradigm of your thinking. You could even change the scale of your offer, meaning make it bigger or smaller depending on the situation. Always remember to take your team on board with your current thinking. Understand that we may be able to conceptualize something but we can realize it only with a team. It is especially more important when someone takes a bet on you when you don't look that profitable yet. Just try them. You never know where would a spark of an idea or a new direction could come from. And just like that you could be all set for a new course. But remember, when you engage them do not put out your skepticism on to the team. That will have a completely different outcome. You need to have a more positive re-phrase of what your current thinking is to be able to have any forward movement. It may sound counter-intuitive but that is how the world is. Create a safe space where it is devoid of judgement. If you still see no light at the end of the tunnel with this way of thinking then it is best to be decisive. Know where your instincts are driving you and then go do what you believe in. Even if it is far from your current venture it is absolutely fine. You should take heart that at least this process has shown you where your interests lie.

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