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Offering (Product/Service) - Keep Your Foot on the Pedal!

"We don't need to have a perfect offer but an offer that is sensitive to the world it serves. If we are willing to listen and continuously innovate and improve, we will be able to create something that resonates with people and even idolized by them."


You may not be at a great place with your offer but you do have the courage and determination to acknowledge and make amends. That is why you are here. It is a good starting point. The task is very clearly cut out. As a first step it is very important to know what people really think of the offer from both who have experienced your offer and people who have rejected it. Post that it will be essential to really have an expert engagement on breaking it down to where there are improvements required. If there are fundamental issues with the product then the requirement is to look at an overhaul with your offering, either partial or complete. The challenges in achieving the same could mean deploying the right expertise to achieve the desired results with the revision. Also it could require investments which may be not so easy to come by at this stage if you are an early stage business. The smart action at this stage would be to do what is possible at the minimum at the moment and more importantly inform your existing consumer about what you are doing currently as well as planning to do. On the other hand, if the issue is in terms of execution then it is important to identify and resolve those aspect to give a more smoother experience to the consumer will be priority. You can draw on the expertise to figure out how to resolve these aspects of expereince where your offering is challenged.

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