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Offering (Product/Service) - Lot's Working For You!

"We don't need to have a perfect offer but an offer that is sensitive to the world it serves. If we are willing to listen and continuously innovate and improve, we will be able to create something that resonates with people and even idolized by them."

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You must take credit that you have been able to build an offer that has seen response from the consumers. Maybe not as positive a response that you would have liked but it is an indication that you have been able to create interest. Now the next step is to break it down in terms of which part of the offer that you have for the consumer is not working for them. To do that you have to listen intently to what your consumer has to say. Sometimes the issue may not be as apparent as stated by your consumer. It could be because your business realities do not fall in the context of the stated issue. Usually the first reaction is that the consumer will ask for the star and the moon but we are just providing a solution. Here empathy is critical. It will make you understand that it is equally difficult for the client to follow up with you unless they are really troubled by something. That will help you understand that there is always a way out and you can solve the problem from your own context. One thing that the consumer always loves is that they have been listened to. And it is not just good to carry out the requisite changes but also communicate the same. In the end, the intention is to deliver a product that reflects the lifestyle of the consumer or is able assist in the same.

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