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Proprietor - You Are The Business!

"Our world will always look like how we are inclined to see it. What can make us remarkable is what we do when we are faced with tough situations. That mindset will show when we want people both inside and outside to follow us."


You are definitely not in a very positive place in your mind. You might say that it is not really the mind but the circumstances you are in. But understand this. Our circumstances are what happens to us and what we do with those circumstances is what makes us. Our circumstances can either bring out the best or the worst in us. And that remains our choice. You have to believe the reason why you decided to take up a cause or a venture. If the purpose of that originates from a true place then no one can stop you from succeeding. Yes, for the time being you may need to re-examine the rendition of your venture and make it more practical for the end user. In some cases, you might end going up a wrong lane for finding the solution. You will need your ego to stand aside and admit that this has happened in spite of all your right intentions. The sooner your are able to do that the better it is for the business. Then you can start taking the corrective steps to move where you need to be. But before you do all that please make sure you take your team into confidence. Your team is crucial in taking you ahead to where you need to be. It might seem as a defeat, but you need to believe that honesty from propietor creates the level of trust that will help you have a team that will walk with you through fire. And if some of them choose to go away then you know that at least you were able to separate the wheat from the chaff. And once you have got yourself and your team ready you will need to move quickly through your new plan of action. Go well into the new adventure my friend!

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